Carly’s Senior Dance Session

Somewhere in the depths of all of my old hard drives (from the days before I am as organized with my photos as I am now) is an image I took of Carly looking up at me at a neighborhood party. I wish I could quickly put my finger on it, but alas. Since that day, I KNEW I had to take her senior portraits. Fast forward nine years, and here we are! 

At our planning session, we decided that West Chester would set a good backdrop for her dance themed shoot. She had lots of ideas for specific spots around town that she loved and in addition to her own wardrobe items, was game to try a couple of elements from my style closet, specifically a pink tulle skirt and lace blouse. The motorcycle was NOT in the plans, but was certainly a happy surprise. As we walked past an alley, there it was. I knew we needed to get a fun shot with the edgy motorcycle and beautiful ballerina contrast, but we were veeerrryyyyy careful not to touch it!

During the whole session, motorcycle shot included, I found myself constantly squealing when checking my in-camera images. Not only is Carly stunningly gorgeous, but she can POSE! Three hours went by in the blink of an eye, yielding a ridiculous number of amazing shots. Below is a small sampling that was worth waiting nine years to capture. Enjoy! 

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