As a former high school and collegiate cheerleader, mother of a baseball player, and life-long sports fan, sports photography is near and dear to my heart. We are your one-stop sports photography shop, handling player and team portraits, game coverage, and graphic design/composited images. We take pride in knowing the ins and outs of the sports that we photograph to capture the truly important moments for you. We are obsessed with using graphic design to create dramatic, artistic senior banners, posters, and artwork. We look forward to working with you! 


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• $425 Regular Game
• $475 Special Events/Senior Night

Other sports

A wide range of customized artwork is available. Check out our catalog for pricing.

Senior banners & art

• $525 Regular Game
• $625 Homecoming/Senior Night 

Football game



We offer all sorts of options to fit your every sports photography need. From individual game coverage to season packages including action photography, senior banners, and specialty items, we can work with you to design a plan within your budget.  

Longer competitions or races

• Full Game/Match/Meet Coverage
• Fully edited high-resolution images
• Online gallery with downloading permission
• Print/product ordering available
• Customized poster ordering available


Prices Vary Depending Upon Time and Requirements
Ask us! 

Payment arrangements vary

Within two weeks of photographing your event, we will edit the images and create an online gallery AND your very own app for you. Both will allow you to download high resolution images suitable for printing or sharing online. You will be able to print these as you see fit, but print and product ordering will also be possible through your galleries for your convenience.

If you are interested in customized art work utilizing your sports images, or in hiring us to take photos with which to create banners, posters, metal prints, etc, please get in touch. We'd love to design something fantastic for you!

Digital Downloads • Prints • Graphic Design


Kathy Azar has done tremendous work capturing our WC East students in all kinds of roles. She shoots sporting events, individual milestones, team pictures, graduation parades, and senior festivities, to name a few. Her expertise and passion for photography is evident in her work, ideas and advice. Kathy is always coming up with new and fun ideas for showcasing her clientele. 

Sue Cornelius  Athletic Director
WC East High School

In addition to action shots and art, we love doing portraits for your senior athletes. We can either work the sports angle into a custom senior session for your senior alone or plan a senior shoot for all of your team's graduating players, doing both group and individual shots. 

Parents are welcome to join in the fun - don't be surprised if you get in on the action! 

Photo albums with action shots from games we've photographed, combined with these portraits, make for great graduation presents.

Poses • Portraits • Presents



Once we settle on the date of the game you want me to photograph, you’ll need to make sure I have permission to be on the field/court/or arena of play. For high school, that typically involves a conversation with the coach and/or athletic director. 

I usually arrive early to catch some of warm ups, so if there are athletes that don’t often see playing time and I know their numbers in advance, I’ll try to focus on catching them during this time. 

Once the game starts, I photograph just about anything and everything - game action, celebrations, sidelines conversations, and small details. 

Within a week or two after the game, you will receive links to both an online gallery of images and a photo app from which you may download any or all of the photos. 

Yup, you sure may. In the email that I will send with the links, I’ll give you lab recommendations. The galleries will also be connected with my professional lab, so if you’d like the convenience of ordering prints and products right through my site without having to download and re upload somewhere else, you will have the option to do that, too.  

Feel free to get in touch and we can chat about ideas. If I have action shots of your athlete from games I’ve photographed, we can take a look and see what will work and what we can create from them. If we need to schedule a shoot, we can do that, too! Sometimes we do both!

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