Zach’s Senior Session, Part 1

This kid. Spend any amount of time around this kid and he’ll steal a little piece of your heart. I’ve known Zach since middle school when he and my own son were on the same baseball team (and have been ever since). It has been a treat to watch him grow up. He may be 17 in chronological years, but he’s an old soul who loves his family deeply, cares about his friends immensely, is extremely hard working, and is even quite the entrepreneur. (If you need to have your car detailed – check him out! Best detailing my car has ever seen.

Zach’s vision for his senior session was to include some of his above mentioned friends; his furry family member, Casey; as well as a metal one (his dad’s truck); a cap and gown; and to shoot in an outdoor, woodsy location. We chose St. Peter’s Village and it was PERFECT. Well, the second time around, anyway. On our first attempt, although the weather apps all said no rain was forecasted, the skies opened up the moment we arrived!

The variety of backgrounds here, paired with a fantastic group of young people and a terrific light stand holder (Colleen, Zach’s mom!) made for a superlative experience. Additionally, Zach turned out not just to be a great baseball player, friend, and young man, but also a great model! 

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